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We provide professional services based on the principles of modern dentistry with an individualized approach to each patient.

Aesthetic Dentistry
Aesthetic Dentistry
Aesthetic dentistry is a branch concerned with smile design and meets the highest aesthetic demands of patients. It implies an interdisciplinary approach amongst, above all, restorative dentistry, prosthodontics, orthodontics and periodontics.
At Dental Center Picek, we use minimally invasive methods and a strictly individualized approach in order to change the shape, size, color and position of a tooth. Following the wishes of our patients, we contribute to a more beautiful smile and a better quality of life.
Endodontics is a branch of dentistry concerned with treatment of the dental pulp. Removed tooth pulp is replaced with a biocompatible material. This procedure (root canal treatment) is performed manually or, as we practice it, with power assisted instruments. This procedure guarantees that the root canal is filled down to the root end, thus preventing the penetration of bacteria from the oral cavity into periapical area.
Oral Surgery
Oral Surgery
This branch of dentistry is concerned with extraction of damaged teeth due to untreatable pathological changes, extractions of impacted wisdom teeth, extraction of root fragments with inflammatory pathological tissue, and other interventions. Modern dentistry allows all surgical procedures to be performed without pain and discomfort to the patient.
Implant dentistry is a modern branch of dental medicine that specializes in the placement of dental implants in order to replace or restore one or more missing teeth. Implant therapy is divided into two parts - a surgical part, concerned with placing a titanium screw into the jaw bone, and a prosthetic part, concerned with the design and restoration of teeth after osseointegration
The branch of dentistry concerned with the replacement of missing teeth is called prosthodontics. Its objective is to restore masticatory function, phonation and aesthetics with dental restoration. In our clinic, we rehabilitate partially or completely edentulous patients with fixed, removable or combined prosthetic restorations or with implant-prosthetic treatment.
Pediatric & Preventive dentistry
Pediatric & Preventive dentistry
Pediatric preventive dentistry is a part of dental medicine devoted to the prevention of dental caries in children and promote dental care in children and promotion of adolescents. It includes therapy for young and permanent teeth, fluoridation and a treatment with fissure sealants. Dental Center Picek places a special emphasis on oral health in children and on educating parents.
Restorative dentistry
Restorative dentistry
Dental fillings are probably the most common procedure performed in dental practices, which does not make them any less complicated! The procedure of making a composite filling requires a lot of time, skill and patience of a dentist.
A health assessment of each patient, including ones general health and the state of the entire oral cavity and teeth is the basis for establishing an accurate diagnosis and determining a treatment plan. Dental Center Picek is proud of its high success rates which are due to complete and modern diagnostics, as well as, the expertise of our team.
Dental Clinic Picek

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Constant training, continuous education, an individual approach and accurate treatment choice are the fundamental tools we use daily in treating our patients.

Our Team

A professional staff, pleasant atmosphere and modern equipment contribute to a sense of security and mutual trust.

Pavle Picek Doctor of Dental Medicine, Ph.D.
Pavle Picek Doctor of Dental Medicine, Ph.D.

Pavle Picek Doctor of Dental Medicine, Ph.D.
Specialist in Prosthodonticss

Pavle Picek was born in Zagreb in 1979. He graduated from the School of Dental Medicine at the University of Zagreb in 2004, where he also received his Ph.D in 2012. He becomes a specialist in Prosthodonticss in 2017. He is an employee and a founder of Dental Center Picek.

Vera Picek Doctor of Dental Medicine
Vera Picek Doctor of Dental Medicine

Vera Picek Doctor of Dental Medicine
Specialist in Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry

Vera Picek was born on 11 January 1981 in Zagreb. She graduated from the School of Dental Medicine in Zagreb in 2004. After years of work experience in primary health care she enrolls in specialization and in 2011 becomes a specialist in pediatric and preventive dentistry. She has been working with the youngest for nearly ten years, and she is especially dedicated to patients with clear dental fear and to children with developmental disabilities.

Lucija Mikulić Doctor of Dental Medicine
Lucija Mikulić Doctor of Dental Medicine

Lucija Mikulić Doctor of Dental Medicine

Lucija Mikulić was born on 21 January 1993 in Zadar. She finished primary school and general gymnasium in Benkovac, and in 2011 she enrolls at the School of Dental Medicine of the University of Zagreb. After completing her studies, she starts working at Dental Center Picek.

Tea Maksan Doctor of Dental Medicine
Tea Maksan Doctor of Dental Medicine

Tea Maksan Doctor of Dental Medicine

Tea Maksan was born on 4 September 1992 in Zagreb. After completing the Language Gymnasium, she enrolls in the School of Dental Medicine of the University of Zagreb. In September 2017 she graduated and she starts working at Dental Center Picek.

Lucija Juranić
Lucija Juranić

Lucija Juranić

Lucija Juranić was born in 1990. After graduating from medical vocational high school, she continued her education at the University of Applied Health Science where she obtained her degree in nursing. Upon completing her internship at the Clinic for Infectious Diseases, she became employed at a dental office. She is continuously educating herself at courses for nurses and dental assistants. Her friendly approach and means of communication contributes to the cheerful atmosphere of our team. She makes patients feel comfortable and safe alongside her.

Ana Zupanc dental assistant
Ana Zupanc dental assistant

Ana Zupanc dental assistant

Ana Zupanc was born on 10 December 1997 in Zagreb. She graduated from the University of Applied Health Science in Zagreb, as a dental assistant. After completing the internship she joins the team of Dental Center Picek.

Dental Clinic Picek

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We offer flexible working hour arrangements and will do our best to accommodate all your needs. You can reach us easily from all areas of the city by public transportation or by car. Free parking is readily available.


Below is more information on prices of our dental services.

First examination and check-ups 250,00 kn
Specialist examination, consultation,
diagnosis, treatment plan
400,00 kn
Specialist examination and surgical therapy planning                        500,00 kn
Emergency assistance 250,00 kn
Assessment of pulp vitality 50,00 kn
Intraoral RTG capture of teeth 125,00 kn
Local anesthesia 70,00 kn
Mandibular anesthesia 125,00 kn
Dental trephination 250,00 kn
Wax up per tooth 125,00 kn
Dental composite filling - 1 surface 320,00 kn
Dental composite filling - 2 or more surfaces 420,00 kn
Glass-ionomer cement 270,00 kn
Temporary filling 100,00 kn
Protection of hypersensitive dental necks 200,00 kn
Indirect and direct pulp capping 150,00 kn
Composite tooth crown build-up 450,00 kn
Tooth jewelery 350,00 kn
Endodontic treatment including root canal filling
(per root canal)
300,00 kn
Root canal retreatment (per root canal) 400,00 kn
Rotary endodontic treatment including
root canal filling( per root canal)
450,00 kn
Avital (dead) tooth whitening 400,00 kn
Extraction of single-rooted tooth 400,00 kn
Extraction of a multi-rooted tooth 500,00 kn
Surgical extraction with suturing 700,00 kn
Apicoectomy 1.500,00 kn
Apicoectomy with retrograde root filling 1.500,00 kn
Alveotomy 1.500,00 kn
Surgical dental implant replacement 5.500,00 kn
Bone augmentation with resorptive membrane (small) 3.500,00 kn
Bone augmentation with resorptive membrane (big) 5.500,00 kn
Sinus lift, including bone augmentation
and resorptive membrane
7.500,00 kn
Sinus lift 2.500,00 kn
Multi- unit abutment 2.500,00 kn
Abutment 800,00 kn
Gingival recession treatment with autologous transplants (by tooth) 4.000,00 kn
All on 4- surgical placement of dental implants and the preparation of a temporary prosthesis 56.250,00 kn
All on 6- surgical placement of dental implants and the preparation of a temporary prosthesis 63.750,00 kn
Acrylic total prosthesis 3.500,00 kn
Wironit partial prosthesis 4.500,00 kn
Retention Elements / Prosthetic connections (1 piece) 1.250,00 kn
Intraoral appliance 1.500,00 kn
Prosthesis reparation 400,00 kn
Rebasing 600,00 kn
Dental splint 1.500,00 kn
Temporary crown (made in dental practice) 220,00 kn
Temporary crown (made in dental lab) 320,00 kn
Temporary crown PMMA (made in dental lab) 650,00 kn
Cast post and core 700,00 kn
Milled zirconium post 1.500,00 kn
Prefabricated post and core 500,00 kn
Metal-ceramic crown 1.800,00 kn
All ceramic crowns (Emax) 2.700,00 kn
Zirconia crown (ZrO2) 3.000,00 kn
Zirconia (monolith) crown 2.700,00 kn
Metal ceramic crown on implant 3.000,00 kn
All ceramic crown on implants (emax) 4.000,00 kn
Zirconia crown on implant 5.000,00 kn
Ceramic dental veneer 2.700,00 kn
Telescopic crown 2.000,00 kn
Ceramic repair 300,00 kn
Temporary bridge on implants 5.000,00 kn
Managing dental fear in children 150,00 kn
Oral hygiene motivation, tooth brushing demonstrations, nutritional counselling 250,00 kn
Remineralisation of teeth and prevention of
dental caries (5 visits)
350,00 kn
Topical fluoride therapy - flouride varnish 150,00 kn
Plaque control with discoloring agents 150,00 kn
Fissure Sealant Placement 250,00 kn
Dental Sealant 350,00 kn
Restoration of primary teeth 250,00 kn
Restoration of young permanent teeth 350,00 kn
Dentin remineralization - a method for treating deep caries in young permanent teeth 257,00 kn
Extraction of primary teeth 150,00 kn
Apexification - treatment of underdeveloped
roots (per visit)
250,00 kn
Mortal pulpotomy in primary teeth 350,00 kn
Vital pulpotomy in primary teeth 400,00 kn
High vital pulpotomy in young permanent teeth (dental injury) 400,00 kn
Reposition, replantation of tooth and
immobilization with wire-composite splint
450,00 kn
Removing of immobilization, polishing,
300,00 kn
Ultrasonic cleaning of plaque and tartar and
polishing of teeth (both jaws)
350,00 kn
Sandblasting for teeth 350,00 kn
Sandblasting subgingival 500,00 kn
Curettage of periodontal pockets (per quadrant) 750,00 kn
Immobilization of teeth - Ribbond splinting (per tooth) 150,00 kn
Periodontal therapy on request
Orthodontic treatment on request
Missed appointment fee (every half an hour) 100,00 kn
Teeth whitening (Opalescence Boost Gel) 2.500,00 kn
  • Prices and services are listed in the price list valid from November 20, 2018
  • The minimum cost of dental services is set by the Croatian Chamber of Dental Medicine
  • Service prices are subject to change
  • 20% discount is granted for prosthetic services of over 20,000kn paid in full up front in cash
  • 10% discount is granted for prosthetic services of over 20,000kn paid in full up front by debit cards
  • 10% discount is granted for implants paid in full up front in cash

Other discounts and actions do not add up and are mutually exclusive.


  • MAESTRO - 12 installment
  • MASTERCARD - 12 installment
  • AMEX - 12 installment
  • Cash
Dental Clinic Picek

 A friendly and professional staff  
We are closely specialized in the areas of dental service we provide. The knowledge and skills we need are acquired at renowned European and Global centers, which are in step with the latest trends in dentistry. Our patients feel relaxed and safe, and in the end, their satisfaction is our greatest reward.

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